January 2023 Newsletter

KAKUTE Projects, we envision a community that demonstrates a commitment to adopting new innovative technologies for social and economic benefits, In our activities, we ensure that we inspire creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship that will help in adopting new technologies to improve business and economic growth, and below is the summary of what we did for the month of January

 The visit of the new SIDO manager of the Arusha region: We were lucky to be visited by the new Manager of Small Industries Development Organization (SIDO) Arusha, Mr. Jalphary Donge accompanied by the Credit Officer. His visit was to introduce himself to partners, learn what partners are doing, share experiences and opportunities as well as maintain the partnership established by predecessors. Also, we were visited by guests from Tanzania Gender and Sustainable Energy Network (TANGISEN) and Tanzania Association of Clean Cooking Stakeholders (TACCS), the aim was to introduce TACC which is an association formed to deal with all issues of clean cooking.

Hiring M&E Specialist: Since M&E provides a way to access the crucial link between implementers and beneficiaries on the ground and decision-makers, it adds to the retention and development of institutional memory; it provides a more robust basis for raising funds and influencing policy, in order to achieve all that and realizing the importance of M&E, in January 2023 we have entered into a contract with M&E specialist.


Workshops to build the capacity of innovative entrepreneurs: KAKUTE Projects conducted 2 days of workshops in Same, Babati, and Arusha District council.  The workshops brought together 21 entrepreneurs who were selected from 9 different wards in 3 districts, 5 financial and micro-financial institutions, the workshop also involved 9 village chairpersons selected from 9 villages where entrepreneurs are coming from, 9 CDOs from 9 wards, micro energy suppliers, 12 local technicians, and 6 NGOs. The Objectives of the Workshop were to connect entrepreneurs with financial institutions, and technology suppliers and build awareness among entrepreneurs regarding loans available in financial institutions, and the kind of loans available in the district for women and youth.

Incubation to 5 SMEs: Mentorship and capacity building were provided to 5 SMEs in the month of January, we focused on mentorship of entrepreneurs and 3 were able to develop company profiles and a draft of financial projections as part of business plan development.

Monitoring the performance of project beneficiaries and their technologies: 19 technologies that are installed for entrepreneurs in the regions of Dodoma, Iringa, and Morogoro including barbershops, egg incubators, water pumps for irrigation, digital centers all solar-powered and rice hullers, in order for them to continue to work effectively, there must be close monitoring and capacity building to entrepreneurs in their activities which we do every day.

We appreciate the big support we receive from our donor, DOEN Foundation, our implementation partner SELCO Foundation, and our Local Government Authority: DCDOs, NGO Coordinators, CDOs, WEOs, VEOs, and Village chairpersons.  


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