February 2023 Newsletter

Promotion for innovation and entrepreneur for sustainable consumption and production patterns in Tanzania

Symposium on Sustainable Agriculture and Appropriate Technologies: It was an event organized by ECHO from 21-23, February 2023 which was held at Maasai Land Hotel, Ngaramtoni, Arusha with the objective of providing a network and training opportunity for those involved in alleviating hunger and poverty in East Africa. It was an Event that brought together more than 140 participants from different nations including Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, DRC, Zimbabwe, Canada, US, etc. Also brought together Extension officers, Local innovators, entrepreneurs and representatives from different organizations based in Tanzania including World Vision, Canadian Food Grain Bank (CFGB) central and South Africa, World Renewal, Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology (NM-AIST), etc. KAKUTE Projects was invited to attend the exhibition on the second day of the event 22nd Feb 2023 to showcase our services and appropriate technologies where we were accompanied with our incubatee, Nextec Engineers International Group that they showcased their N-switch technology.

Webinar on developing better strategies for communication & outreach on distributed renewable energy (DRE) services and other climate change solutions: 3-day virtual webinar on how effective communication and outreach on DRE solutions can play an important role in advancing the accelerated deployment of DRE solutions in off-grid communities among key stakeholders from civil society, government, and private sector, to development agencies at central and local levels. The webinar was facilitated by Dr. Mwesige, Independent Communications Consultant from Uganda, Sponsored by Mott Foundation, and Organized by Amsha Amsha, Participants were Ecosystem partners including Kakute Projects, TAREA, Don Bosco, ELICO Foundation etc.

Capacity building to KAKUTE Projects employees on Monitoring & Evaluation: In the implementation of the projects, there must be staff involved who will also be involved in the M&E exercise, so for the exercise to go well it is important for the staff to have M&E know-how, so the capacity building was important for them because it will help them to self-assess and self-evaluate in their daily activities

Installation of solar-powered water pump: This was installed for an aspiring entrepreneur (farmer) found in Manyire village in the Mlangarini ward, Arusha. The entrepreneur intervened with solar powered water pump drill a deep well in 2014 and she was pulling water by using fuel, hence due to the rise in the cost of fuel this entrepreneur was forced to stop her agricultural activities up to this month when KAKUTE Projects installed a solar-powered water pump in her farm of 14 hectares.

Installation of solar-powered Barbershop: one aspired entrepreneur intervened with solar powered barbershop saloon to cater to this entrepreneur’s need, while serving a whole community of Majimoto village in Nduruma ward, Arusha who used to travel for a long way in searching for hair shaving service in places where there is access to electricity.

Installation of a solar-powered lighting system in a chicken coop: this ground intervention was installed for an entrepreneur who is found in the Maweni village of Magara ward, Babati. Now the deaths of chicks caused by sleeping over each other in dark have been stopped.

Marketing and Community awareness on Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE): We met with a total of 138 community members in 9 different villages from four wards (Mgugu, Kiru, Magara, and Nkaiti) in Babati, Manyara during creating awareness and marketing of DRE technologies.

Partnership: Virtual meeting with DDS Solar solution from India and a physical meeting with Simusolar based in Tanzania we had discussions on how we can develop a partnership in implementing projects and even having joint projects

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