Partnership with Local Government Authorities, development partners, research institutions that ensure research and services are aligned with value chain development to our basic needs of water and sanitation, food security, clean and efficient energy, land use plan to provide shelter and production of agricultural must be met from the available resource which is in limited supply.

Business Development Services (BDS)

Our Program is designed to support communities establish and improve their economic activities through market and value chain development approach model that focuses on selecting and developing projects that are more advanced and relevant at the required time and standard.

Developing Grassroot Energy Innovations

Fostering and nurturing viable grassroots technology innovations through the use of decentralized energy through effective implementation of need based interventions; developing technology, finance and delivery models that are scalable

Enhanced integrating DRE for productive use

The project will continue enhancing the understanding of the gaps for end-users to take up DRE based solutions for livelihoods, but also increase basic energy access and build on partnerships to fulfill its objectives.  At the same time further understand the gaps for energy and technology enterprises.