Transforming Rural Tanzania with Solar Power for Sustainable Livelihoods

Did you know that rural livelihoods in sub-Saharan Africa, notably in Tanzania, possess immense potential for self-sufficiency by embracing alternative clean energy sources? Rural communities can significantly enhance their living standards, including income, employment, community safety, and social support through the adoption of various energy sources such as hydro power, biomass, bioenergy, biogas, hydrogen fuel cells, and notably, solar power energy.

KAKUTE Projects, a local NGO based in Arusha, has fervently advocated for the productive utilization of solar power energy since 2019. Through successfully implemented projects like the Enhanced Integration of Decentralized Renewable Energy in Dodoma, Iringa, Morogoro, Arusha, and Babati, KAKUTE has introduced solar-powered digital centers, tailoring centers, vaccination and egg incubation centers, poultry lighting, as well as water pumps for agricultural and animal husbandry.

The process involves identifying business end users facing energy challenges, connecting them with our selected graduate engineer technology suppliers who design and install innovative solar energy solutions. KAKUTE further monitors technology performance, provides financial literacy training, and assists in establishing successful business cases, subsequently lobbying for micro financial institutions to support renewable energy initiatives. With over 45 implemented technologies across these regions in the last four years, KAKUTE continues to expand its impact. For further details, visit the website at or reach out via email at