Community Development Officer Workshop

Kakute projects hosted a workshop on February 2022 that brought together senior community development officers from the northern regions of Tanzania. SCDO’s involved in the workshop were coming from Arusha DC, Meru DC, and Longido representing Arusha region, Moshi DC, Same DC, and Mwanga DC representing Kilimanjaro region, Mbulu DC, Babati DC, and Kiteto DC representing Manyara region as well as SCDO from Dodoma City Council, that makes total of 10 SCDOs.

The workshop begun with the Opening Speech by Mama Blandina Nkini, the regional community development officer of Arusha.  On her Speech she insisted about the importance of cooperation between NGO’s and Community development officers as she mentioned that private sector including NGOs are the second hand of the government despite of the fact that they did not receive any fund from the government.

Mama Blandina Nkini - Arusha Regional Community Development Officer
Mama Blandina Nkini – Arusha Regional Community Development Officer

After the opening speech, the guests were briefed on the objectives of the workshop and expected result from that workshop

The main objectives of the workshop were: –

  1. To meeting with DCDOs from identified District in order to understand potential social and economic livelihoods existed in the identified districts and the challenges faced by community.

  2. To recognize the Role of Non-Governmental Organizations and Government in addressing and mitigating those challenges and way forward

  3. To introduce the PP Power solution to DCDOs and explain the business opportunities available through using PP Power solution and to discuss how to reach groups of entrepreneurs and youth groups in their districts

The CDO’s were introduced with the history of KAKUTE Project from 1995, it was then followed with the presentation about Business development service (BDS) which is the main core activity of KAKUTE project.

All the planned objectives were discussed for two days including Presentation of PP Power solutions along with demonstration where Business opportunities available through using PP Power battery and make an extra profit by investing in a PP Power solution were presented such as

  • Doing barber business.

  • Keep the light on the kiosk and extend the time to serve customers.

  • Keeping light on livestock sheds, like chicks shed.

The workshop closed with the speech of Mr. Cosmas Ngafa, senior community development officer from Dodoma city council, who also continued to emphasize cooperation between NGOs and community development officers as they are the ones responsible for leading those NGOs in their respective areas of work.

Mr. Cosmas Ngafa – Senior Community Development Officer from Dodoma City Council