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Innovation for a Resilient and Inclusive Digital Economy

“Innovation for a Resilient and Inclusive Digital Economy” was the main theme of Innovation week 2021; The purpose of Innovation Week is to provide space for innovators, policymakers, funders, researchers, and other players in the innovation ecosystem to share what they have been working on, learn from and inspire each other, collaborate across sectors, and transform Tanzania through the scaling of innovation. The event aimed at inspiring the current and future leaders in Tanzania to take risks on new ideas, collaborate across sectors, and transforming the public using innovation. It is prudent to note evidently that when stakeholders come together, formidable partnerships can be formed and positively impact innovators and the innovation ecosystem.

Innovation Week events and exhibitions are some of the most influential, educative and relevant platforms to share learnings and best practices on how to use technology and innovation for economic and social development.

Apart from the main theme of the Week there were topics which were presented with panelists under the main theme i.e.

  • Education for a Resilient &Inclusive Digital Economy

  • Green Innovation for a Resilient & Digital Economy

  • Innovation In Tourism for a Resilient Economy

  • Making Innovation Work Better For Women & Girls

  • Testimonials by women in development, innovation in the community

Why KAKUTE’s participation in innovation week 2021

It is part and parcel of KAKUTEs agenda, values and in line with its strategic plan to attend, participate in order to achieve what is in the plan in areas of strategic partnerships and institutional strengthening. Looking at the Innovation week –Arusha Edition it is a platform that enables:

  1. Networking and partnership opportunities

  2. An avenue for sourcing for possible projects funding opportunities either directly with donors or in partnership with participants that we managed to meet during the week.

  3. The platform enables KAKUTE to be able to showcase what we are doing in areas innovation, training in Entrepreneurship, values as well as the organization  future (strategic) plan to come.

  4. Such Events are a learning opportunity of what is happening and/ is about to happen in the NGOs sector and innovation ecosystem which is key in ensuring what KAKUTE wants to do in future should be “workable/ marketable” in the sector and gives an opportunity for existence/development in the sector as well how to organize such event and who can be ideal sponsors.

  5. Training content shared via presentations from stakeholders/presenters, testimonials from Innovators and whole innovation ecosystem

What is Innovation Week?

INNOVATION WEEK is the brain child of HDIF (Human Development Innovation Fund) a free platform that hosts a week-long series of collaborative events and exhibitions in Tanzania, in partnership with other innovation stakeholders, and with the support from the UKAid -main sponsor. This year 2021, HDIF and COSTECH were joined by UNDP.

The Innovation Week as a platform started in 2015 with around 500 attendees to 2020 with over 7,000 and a more national outlook. The event has provided a platform to many innovators countrywide to be seen, more stakeholders to forge meaningful partnerships, a lot of knowledge to be shared, and numerous innovative initiatives to be showcased and key policy related issues to be discussed.

Organizers for the Innovation week 2021 – Arusha Edition were: Anza Entrepreneurs, Obuntu Hub, and TWENDE Social Enterprise).

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Mafunzo kwa vikundi vya mikopo ya Halmashauri, Jijini Arusha

Ni mafunzo yaliyoandaliwa na Ofisi ya Mkurugenzi Halmashauri ya jiji la Arusha na yalifanyika katika ukumbi wa shule ya msingi Arusha, Mafunzo yalilenga vikundi vya wanawake, vijana na watu wenye ulemavu vitakavyopatiwa mikopo na halmshauri kwa robo ya kwanza na pili mwaka wa fedha 2020/2021. Ambapo vikundi viliwakilishwa na wajumbe 3 kutoka kwenye kila kikundi Mwenyekiti, katibu na mweka hazina kwa jumla ya vikundi 42 vilivyopo ndani ya Halmashauri ya Jiji Arusha.

Mafunzo yalifunguliwa na Mgeni rasmi Titho Cholobi – Afisa tarafa ya Elerai ambaye alimwakilisha Mkuu wa wilaya ya Arusha na alisisitiza vikundi vikafanye miradi yenye tija kwa fedha wanazopewa na serikali na kuzirejesha kwa wakati ili na wengine wenye mahitaji waweze kupatiwa, huku akiwa ametanguliwa na wazungumzaji wengine ambao ni Afisa Vijana – Hanifa Ramadhan alisoma taarifa ya vikundi vilivyopo fedha zilizokopeshwa, zilizorejeshwa, madeni na fedha zinazokusudiwa kutolewa kwa awamu hii, Afisa maendeleo ya jamii jiji – Mwanamsiu Dossi na Naibu meya – Veronica Mwelange. Hawa wote waliweza kuzungumzia juu ya namna serikali ilivyo na nia njema ya kuwasaidia wananchi wake kupitia mikopo hiyo na wakiwahasa watumie fedha wanazopewa kwa maelengo yaliyokusudiwa na sio kuelekeza kwenye matumizi mengine kwa mfano thamani za ndani na kulipa kodi kama walivyozoea wengine

Lengo la mafunzo ilikuwa ni kuwajengea uwezo viongozi wa vikundi ili waweze kuelewa kanuni na taratibu za kusimamia mikopo wanayopatiwa na pia kutimiza wajibu wao kama viongozi. Hivo mada mbalimbali zilifundishwa ambazo ni Uongozi na usimamizi wa miradi, Ujasiriamali na miradi yenye tija, Utunzaji wa kumbukumbu za fedha, Uandishi wa taarifa za mwezi, Urejeshaji wa mikopo na ujazaji mikataba, na Ufugaji wa kisasa. Katika mafunzo hayo  KAKUTE projects tulikuwa sehemu ya wawezeshaji katika mada ya uongozi na usimamizi wa miradi.
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Education has no End, and We never stop learning

It is a phrase we are accustomed to using “Education Has No End,” and we with that affirmation enter the classroom to learn. This is in capacity building in a variety of areas where we learn using external experts. and the trainer in this session is an expert from the Arusha regional office in the Registry Department, where he provides education on document filing. “Education Has No End”
Despite the fact that we are used to seeing our experts on different platforms offering various trainings especially in innovation and entrepreneurship issues but they also agree to sit in class holding a pen and notebook to learn. indeed education has no end, and “We never stop learning”
If you tell us you have reached the limit of education, we will see you as a liar; saying you know everything, we will tell you that you only God knows everything. If you tell us you don’t see anyone to learn from, we will ask you:- Don’t you know that even a parent learns from his/her child? Who is not taught by the mother is taught by the world. If you say you are tired of learning, we will say that you have decided to weaken and kill your brain. “Keep learning and seek new knowledge as it is the food of the brain.”
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Why not join our partners in celebrating the graduation of our students?

It was on April 10, 2021 at the 10th graduation of JR Institute of Information Technology (JRIIT), which took place in the institute premises hall. Where we KAKUTE were invited as partners also as part of those who helped the graduates to graduate with  innovation in their profession, and this is through our innovation and entrepreneurship training program that we have been providing to various students and groups of entrepreneurs.
The guest of honor was expected to be the Arusha Regional Commissioner but was represented by the Arusha District Commissioner, Mr. Kenan Kihongosi.
The guest of honor gave a good speech to motivate the youth not to give up especially when things go wrong with their expectations. He urged them not to be afraid to face opportunities when they arise, including fighting with all their mind and strength when they have the opportunity.
The time came for the graduates to receive their diploma in their studies, and they tossed hats into their heads with cheerfulness as they headed to the high table to receive their certificates. Lastly the five best students were announced, students who did best in their studies. That’s when I saw Erick Emily who was announced as the first best student, going to the high table to pick up his gift. I immediately remembered his business plan “Rick Fashion” which is in our archive, It is a business plan that he was able to write through the innovation and entrepreneurship training we provided them.
Graduation ended at 1:30 pm, and there we had the opportunity to speak with the JRIIT principal, and convey greetings from KAKUTE Projects. Principal was very pleased with our presence at the event, and in his words, he said; “We know you are very busy but, in that busyness, you have had the opportunity to respond to our invitation by coming to join us, we are very grateful for your willingness and God bless you”. And with honor he has asked us to keep in touch so that we can help each other in solving various challenges.
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