Why not join our partners in celebrating the graduation of our students?

It was on April 10, 2021 at the 10th graduation of JR Institute of Information Technology (JRIIT), which took place in the institute premises hall. Where we KAKUTE were invited as partners also as part of those who helped the graduates to graduate with  innovation in their profession, and this is through our innovation and entrepreneurship training program that we have been providing to various students and groups of entrepreneurs.
The guest of honor was expected to be the Arusha Regional Commissioner but was represented by the Arusha District Commissioner, Mr. Kenan Kihongosi.
The guest of honor gave a good speech to motivate the youth not to give up especially when things go wrong with their expectations. He urged them not to be afraid to face opportunities when they arise, including fighting with all their mind and strength when they have the opportunity.
The time came for the graduates to receive their diploma in their studies, and they tossed hats into their heads with cheerfulness as they headed to the high table to receive their certificates. Lastly the five best students were announced, students who did best in their studies. That’s when I saw Erick Emily who was announced as the first best student, going to the high table to pick up his gift. I immediately remembered his business plan “Rick Fashion” which is in our archive, It is a business plan that he was able to write through the innovation and entrepreneurship training we provided them.
Graduation ended at 1:30 pm, and there we had the opportunity to speak with the JRIIT principal, and convey greetings from KAKUTE Projects. Principal was very pleased with our presence at the event, and in his words, he said; “We know you are very busy but, in that busyness, you have had the opportunity to respond to our invitation by coming to join us, we are very grateful for your willingness and God bless you”. And with honor he has asked us to keep in touch so that we can help each other in solving various challenges.
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