Education has no End, and We never stop learning

It is a phrase we are accustomed to using “Education Has No End,” and we with that affirmation enter the classroom to learn. This is in capacity building in a variety of areas where we learn using external experts. and the trainer in this session is an expert from the Arusha regional office in the Registry Department, where he provides education on document filing. “Education Has No End”
Despite the fact that we are used to seeing our experts on different platforms offering various trainings especially in innovation and entrepreneurship issues but they also agree to sit in class holding a pen and notebook to learn. indeed education has no end, and “We never stop learning”
If you tell us you have reached the limit of education, we will see you as a liar; saying you know everything, we will tell you that you only God knows everything. If you tell us you don’t see anyone to learn from, we will ask you:- Don’t you know that even a parent learns from his/her child? Who is not taught by the mother is taught by the world. If you say you are tired of learning, we will say that you have decided to weaken and kill your brain. “Keep learning and seek new knowledge as it is the food of the brain.”
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